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Testimonials of current and previous BLJ clients.

If you need proof, read our client testimonials below and let the results speak for themselves.

BLJ Results.

BLJ is totally success driven and constantly monitors our performance. There are 2 key indicators we measure.

  1. The BLJ Savings weighted average percentage savings we achieve for all projects, which includes project areas where savings were small, and in the rare occasion nil.
  2. The BLJ Success Rate percentage difference between the forecast savings value at time of recommendation and the actual implemented and achieved savings value after 12 months. Liken it to a Budget versus actual comparison.

The BLJ results may surprise you. To obtain the current BLJ Savings Margin and BLJ Success Rate, Contact us.

The testimonials below are a sample of over 100 written testimonials, and all recipients are BLJ team members personally available to work on your behalf.

AWH Pty Ltd 


“AWH has a longstanding and fruitful relationship with David and BLJ Australia, who negotiates on our behalf for electricity and telco contracts nationwide.  Based on this lengthy experience and his deep knowledge of the intricacies of electricity tenders, I have the utmost confidence in his ability to gain the best possible electricity pricing for AWH.”

City of Perth 


“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your team for the monitoring service you have provided to the City to date. I have been impressed with your thorough and professional approach to this service.

As a result of their proven success and expertise in this field, I have no hesitation in recommending BLJ Australia to any business seeking a productive and professional approach to cost improvement.

The level of detail included in the report is impressive, and the subsequent model of our costs, which you applied to a number of scenarios with different suppliers, has provided us with a sound body of information to make a decision.”

Navitas Limited

navitas logo

“BLJ has now worked with Navitas Limited for over 10 years and has been primarily responsible for achieving significant cost savings year on year in the areas of Telecommunications, Electricity, MFD’s, Stationery, Freight, to name a few.  Navitas did not have the internal resource or expertise to complete the detailed cost reviews, tenders and monitoring which BLJ has provided for us.

As we discussed, integrity comes through in all that you guys do, and that counts for so much in the business world.”

Paspaley Pearling Company


“Dean, the BLJ team has worked closely with the Paspaley IT team for nearly 3 years now on the Telecommunications Project.  The BLJ process complemented the work of our IT Team and you took the time to understand our needs. I found the thoroughness of your implementation and follow through to be exceptional, and picked up numerous billing anomalies that we could not possibly have found ourselves”

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Civmec Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd

“We were initially unsure that cost improvements were likely to be significant and found it difficult to justify the time commitment on our behalf. In both cases we were very pleased that reductions were achieved and our involvement was limited.”

McMullen Nolan Surveyors

“Apart from time and money we saved, you have helped us implement systems to maintain efficiencies.”

Austal Ships

“The subsequent savings achieved were significant with BLJ being fully consultative throughout.”

Australian Fused Materials Pty Ltd

“When approached by your company, I was a little sceptical about the service offered. However, I was intrigued by the concept and willing to give it a trial.”

Catholic Education Office of WA

“An important aspect of outside consultants coming into an organisation is the professional approach of the consultant and the ability to make staff feel comfortable in providing information. David is skilled in this area and staff were very supportive with the process of the review and the outcomes.”

Lions Eye Institute

“It is a relief to know that I don’t have to spend my time to pursue suppliers directly in order to ensure that promised savings are delivered.”

WA Deaf Society

“As promised, the whole process took very little of our time and allowed us to keep our focus on core business functions.”

Southern Cross Care

“We have been able to make considerable savings thanks to BLJ’s efforts.”

The ORS Group

“We have been impressed by the professional manner in which you conduct your business and awareness of the need to protect and enhance our relationship with our suppliers.”

Royal Australian Air Force Association

“I am able to pass all supplier queries through BLJ and wouldn’t do anything without your approval.”


“BLJ has highlighted discrepancies in the charged rates, which have led to credits being requested of our suppliers. These credits are followed through to their conclusion by BLJ, which is an added benefit of your service.”

Navitas Ltd

“I also wish to comment on the integrity of BLJ and you personally..……… I would venture to suggest this standard of honesty is sadly lacking in the business community today, and has given Navitas even greater confidence in your people, processes and procedures.”


“More importantly, your knowledge of the marketplace combined with a detailed analysis and concise summaries of proposals will see us achieving excellent savings in the areas examined for many years to come.”


MG Kailis

“BLJ demonstrates a very professional approach to the process and has always recognised the group’s desire to ensure that important relationships are respected whilst still negotiating improved cost outcomes.”

Evans & Tate

“BLJ have been able to achieve significant savings for Evans & Tate, particularly in the area of power supply where your detailed analysis and expertise is outstanding. Additionally we have achieved savings in printing, stationery and telecommunications and look forward to further cost items being reviewed.”

Vesco Foods

“With constant pressure to keep costs to a minimum we researched a number if consultants to assist us with our initiatives. Our evaluation chose BLJ based on your past performances, experience in your field, and win win service.”


“BLJ have provided their expertise for approximately 10 years and you have handled yourself in a most professional manner particularly in difficult negotiations with prospective suppliers.”

Miss Maud

“Your team members worked alongside my own to quickly produce results that were better than I had expected, and which I doubt would otherwise have been realised. I look forward to expanding our relationship.”

Adventure World

“BLJ achieved savings in all preliminary cost centres and offered professional, timely and detailed service.”

Community Newspaper Group

“All of David’s recommendations were adopted and we are extremely happy with the savings that we are achieving.”

Horizon Power

“Your experience in other areas enabled you to suggest and develop new arrangements with our contractor that produced significant savings to our business.”

“We have found you to be open in dealings with Horizon Power; you have maintained effective relationships with our suppliers and have provided a high level of reporting on activities undertaken.”

Town of Victoria Park

“BLJ has been working for Town of Victoria Park since 2002 and has continued to evaluate and monitor our Landline and Mobile Telecom costs resulting in continual savings and competitive pricing.”

“BLJ’s recommendation, followed by fully accountable post audit reports have added value to our organisation, through the reduction in costs and in the time required to administer such contracts.”

Western Australian Local Government Association

“We valued the technical expertise and knowledge applied to our project, and the ability of BLJ Australia to disaggregate complex price schedules to assist with the determination of best value.”

“The Association was delighted with the report that you submitted, which not only took into account a quantitative analysis of the new proposed price variation for the plan, but a qualitative investigation into market alternatives.”

Town of Cambridge

“Your detailed analysis has clearly shown the excellent results that the negotiated rates will have on our bottom line, and as you promised, the whole process has taken very little of our own resources.”

City of Stirling

“I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BLJ Australia. The City of Stirling has been using the unique services offered by BLJ Australia over the past three years, and all dealings with BLJ Australia have been thorough, expedient and professional.”

Town of Vincent

“The Report was very comprehensive but at the same time user friendly with the methodology and assessment easy to follow.”

Goldfields Gas Transmission, (Australian Pipeline Trust)

“You listened to what we said, and understood the importance to us of the relationship we have with our suppliers and the importance to the business of the services we received.”

SKG Radiology

“It was comforting to know that BLJ’s experienced team was consistently doing all the leg work in the evaluation and monitoring of the non-core costs that would otherwise have been left behind in the day to day running of our business.”

Chrysler Jeep

“It’s rare these days to have an organization deliver exactly what it promises.”

John Hughes Group

“BLJ Australia worked in a professional and friendly manner and delivered a high level of service throughout the process. You listened to what we said, and understood the importance to us of reciprocal business. Most importantly, you showed high levels of ethics, fairness and integrity when working with both our team members and our suppliers”.

Giant Autos

“You saved me substantial costs at Chellingworth Motors and you have achieved more savings for Giant Autos.”

Melville Toyota

“The follow up checking and reporting has left us with a great deal of confidence in your company’s ability to deliver what you promise. It is no wonder we have just signed up to target a few more expense items.”


“Howarth Perth Partnership are confident that the savings made, would not have been realised in the every day running of our business.”

Health Insurance Fund of WA

“It is pleasing to work with an organisation that delivers what they promise.”

Plan B

“The processes used to achieve the savings were clear and effective. It took very little of our own time and we are happy with all outcomes.”


“Bannon LaFerla Jones went about their task with a minimum of disruption to our daily operations and we received immediate results.”

Kott Gunning Lawyers

“Your professionalism when dealing with suppliers and our organisation has been extremely impressive.”

Wojtowicz Kelly Barristers and Solicitors

“From our first meeting there was an automatic repour between both parties that allowed us to have full trust in you and your team’s ability to provide us with our cost reduction objectives.”

EBM Insurance Brokers

“At all times BLJ staff have gone about the expense review and monitoring process in a most ethical and very professional manner delivering on time and within expectations.”

Perth International Airport

“… The accuracy and attention to detail forming part of your process has resulted in significant and quantifiable savings within a relatively short period of time.”

Westralian Airports Corporation (Perth Airport)

“The summary of implemented savings are very significant and your professional approach towards WAC staff is commendable.”

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