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Cost Minimisation with the BLJ Australia Maintenance Service

The BLJ Maintenance Service actively monitors your non-core expense areas, ensuring that in these volatile markets your accounts remain cost effective, allowing you to redirect resources to the core areas of your business. Often businesses are left to interpret supplier outputs themselves, and thus, are uncertain of the accuracy and decisions they must make moving forward. This is where BLJ comes in.

Read on to learn more about cost minimisation with the BLJ Maintenance Service.

What is BLJ Australia’s Maintenance Service?

Taken up by clients at the end of BLJ’s Savings Process service, the Maintenance Service is our offering to continue close monitoring of your non-core expense areas and ensure continued compliance. Our professionals collate records of usage and billing, provide usage trends and key usage data to assist in audits, governance and budgeting. We conduct weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual customised checks and provide a high level of quality reporting, dependent on your needs and requirements.

Working in collaboration with your existing departments, we are in communication with your team as frequently as needed, and are the point of call for information or advice on existing accounts. Often clients receive enquiries from suppliers regarding new offers or services. As a part of the Maintenance Service, BLJ field those calls and investigate the potential for your business and any savings opportunities.

When a capital investment is required, BLJ can evaluate all variables and provide valuable and accurate forecast savings to measure true return on investment.

With a comprehensive understanding of your contracts, the suppliers and your usage habits, we minimise the risks of cost blow out through proactive management of non-core expense areas while looking out for savings opportunities.

Why do you need a Maintenance Service?

In these ever changing markets it would be unwise to implement a contract and leave it to run its course. Every market change has the potential to impact your expenses. This is where the BLJ Australia Maintenance Service comes in. BLJ proactively manages your non-core expense areas, assessing what impact market and usage changes will have on your business, and revising the accounts to ensure positive outcomes.

With this being our day to day operations, we are experienced in using effective methods to identify billing anomalies and supplier noncompliance. Requesting credits and following through to a resolution with the supplier, the Maintenance Service adds ongoing value to your supplier contracts.

With BLJ working in your corner, you can be confident in paying your supplier invoices in the knowledge that any credits due to you will be requested and received. BLJ provide peace of mind that non-core expenses are being managed effectively with minimal input on your part.

BLJ participate with you in supplier meetings and conversations as an extension of your team, and have a thorough understanding of your accounts.

What expense areas benefit from a Maintenance Service?

In short, all non-core expense areas would benefit from the BLJ Maintenance Service.

Typically we are seeing a growing trend with Telecommunications, Energy and Multifunction Printing Devices being the areas of most concern. This can be attributed to the complex contracts, volatile markets, varied usage, and evolving technology found within these areas.

We are experienced in a vast range of other non-core expense areas.

• Printing • Gas
• Office Supplies (Stationery, Paper, Consumables) • Security Services
• Records Storage • Food & Beverages
• Waste Disposal • Promotional Materials
• Couriers • Packaging
• Freight (Local & Air) • Linen / Laundry
• Cleaning of Premises / Offices • Protective Clothing / Safety Equipment
• Chemicals / Cleaning Supplies • Uniforms

Australia’s Cost Minimisation Experts

Let the experts at BLJ Australia proactively monitor your non-core expense areas with regular checks and reporting tailored to your accounts, and extensive knowledge of the market and your contracts. Working alongside your team we can ensure these areas remain cost effective and compliant, giving you more time and resources to focus on core areas of your business.

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