Who we are

Mission Statement

With BLJ Australia as your Partner in Business, you will have access to a range of services designed to make the operation of your business easier and more cost effective, giving you More Time, Increased Profits, and Peace of Mind.

We will achieve this through

  • Our professional approach and results focused team,
  • A commitment to continuous improvement & the use of Quality Systems,
  • Applying effective cost management techniques, and proven products & services,
  • Negotiating ethically, and communicating openly and honestly with you, all Suppliers and other Associates, and always focusing on building win/win relationships.

Established in 1997, BLJ has continued to grow as the top Cost Management Consultancy in WA.

The Bannon LaFerla Jones Partnership (BLJ Australia) was formed in May 1997, through the joining of three individuals already working in the field of Cost Management Consultancy.

The three partners recognised that by combining their previous and diverse experiences with a common belief that “Success comes from helping others achieve success”, they could create a synergy that would ensure their objective of being one of the leading cost management consultancies in Australia.

Our early days were spent creating databases of supplier, product and pricing information, and in developing a quality system to help ensure that the magnitude and consistency of results required by clients was achieved.

Since then, BLJ Australia Pty Ltd has grown to be the largest independent Cost Management Consultancy of its type in Western Australia, with the BLJ team helping over 300 corporate clients meet their requirements for quality and service in general overheads, at the most competitive prices.

Through strength comes strength and by representing our clients and their combined “purchasing power” of over $200 million, BLJ Australia can guarantee savings currently ranging from 5% to over 60%, across 30 areas of general expenditure.

The future looks even brighter. Under the expert leadership of David Jones and Dean Osborne, BLJ’s success has continued to grow and often exceeds client expectations. We have national clients servicing all states and territories, with a strong nucleus of clients with a WA base.  Using proven methodologies and continuing to develop new and more efficient methods, procedures and tools, our skilled team provides a sought after cost management service designed to minimise the operational expenses of our clients covering many local, regional and national divisions.

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BLJ Director Profiles

David Jones (Managing Director & Project Manager)

One of the original founders of BLJ Australia, David has extensive cost reduction experience of over 25 years.  David’s experience prior to BLJ was as a Senior Sales Executive and State Sales Manager at Spicers Paper for 13 years.

In his primary role as Project Manager, David will be your first point of contact.  He specialises in coordinating multiple business units and stakeholders in an organisation, whether part of a consolidated purchasing team or not, and specialises in implementing strategies across multiple locations nationally.  David has personally delivered recommendations to clients that have seen savings achieved in over 700 category projects.

David has expertise in office supplies, multi-function devices, and electricity markets in all Australian states.

Dean Osborne (Director of Operations)

Starting at BLJ as a Data Analyst, Dean quickly progressed to a Senior Project Analyst and then to a Project Manager within 3 years.  Seeing the potential of BLJ and the opportunity to be involved in restructuring the business, Dean took over as Operations Manager in 2008 before joining David as a director in 2010.

Now with over 20 years experience, in his capacity as Operations Manager he has worked with the project team on over 200 category projects in the last 5 years.  Every project is measured for success against recommended forecasts to ensure maximum savings are actually delivered.

Outside of operations, Dean specialises in the Telecommunications area.  He will develop an understanding of your company’s needs, check for contract compliance with your existing suppliers, conduct an incumbent review to uncover better pricing (even if still in contract), compare to the market, complete in-depth evaluations, present recommendations, and implement savings.

BLJ Australia Can Help You Reduce Costs, & Increase Profits

Let our experienced cost management team help you reduce your cost and give you peace of mind.