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Areas of Specialisation

At BLJ Australia we are experts in managing costs in non-core expense areas. Current trends see a strong focus on Telecommunications (Voice, Data, Cloud and Mobile), Energy and Multi-function Printing Devices / Photocopiers.

Telecommunications – One of the most volatile costs due to its misunderstood, complex and ever changing nature. Technology is always evolving and in turn so do plans offered and prices charged. This is an area that requires proactive management and regular monitoring in order to remain cost effective.  Read more…

Energy – Energy usage contributes significantly to costs. Understanding usage trends and proactively monitoring usage is key in cost reduction. Within the energy market there is alternative energy, sustainable energy sources, solar and alternative lighting to consider, in addition to capital investments such as Solar, LED Lighting and Power Factor Correction. BLJ can offer accurate evaluations to maximise your investments and reduce your costs.  Read more…

Multi-function Printing Devices / Photocopiers – Given the rise in the level of capabilities of these machines, it is not surprising that there are numerous areas that need to be proactively managed to ensure cost efficiencies. From excessive consumption, wrongly matched devices, inflated pricing and other areas in between, we highlight areas of change so costs can be reduced and redirected. Read more…

In addition, we have a whole array of other areas that we specialise in.

• Printing • Gas
• Office Supplies (Stationery, Paper, Consumables) • Security Services
• Records Storage • Food & Beverages
• Waste Disposal • Promotional Materials
• Couriers • Packaging
• Freight (Local & Air) • Linen / Laundry
• Cleaning of Premises / Offices • Protective Clothing / Safety Equipment
• Chemicals / Cleaning Supplies • Uniforms

Cost Reduction Solutions with BLJ Australia

For proactive management we offer fully tailored cost reduction solutions to get the best out of your accounts.

BLJ Compliance Audit

This will provide you with peace of mind and is a great avenue for immediate savings. We detect a range of noncompliance by conducting a thorough review and using our experience in knowing what to look for. We lodge a retrospective credit on your behalf, liaising with suppliers until the issue is resolved and all credits received. Wherever you are on the BLJ journey, we are always ensuring compliance is at the forefront.  Read more…

BLJ Savings Process

Our savings process is all about minimising non-core expenses with no loss of supplier quality or service. From uncovering better deals to limiting excessive expenditure, we help you dedicate more resources and efforts into activities to help your business prosper and grow. Offering tailored cost management solutions, our cost savings consultants utilise tried and tested strategies for each expense area to reduce costs.  Read more…

When a capital investment is required, BLJ can evaluate all variables and provide valuable and accurate forecast savings to measure true return on investment.

BLJ Maintenance Service

This service actively monitors your non-core expense areas, ensuring that your accounts remain cost effective, allowing you to redirect resources to the core areas of your business. With a comprehensive understanding of your contracts, the suppliers and your usage habits, we minimise the risks of cost blow out through proactive management.  Read more…

The BLJ Difference

Working in collaboration with your existing departments, we act as an extension of your team. This means you get full access to and benefit from our extensive market and contract knowledge, and a team with over 60 years combined experience who respects supplier relationships and understands that quality and service come first. Our professional expense reduction analysts have the expertise to relate supplier offerings back to annual costs focussing on cost minimisation for like-for-like requirements. Not receiving commissions means we remain 100% impartial. Our remuneration is success based, this ensures we are always chasing the best deals for your situation.

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