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Cost Recovery with the BLJ Australia Compliance Audit

The experts at BLJ manage your non-core expense areas to ensure charges, and the structure of plans and accounts, are in accordance with your supplier contracts. We make sure that what is supposed to happen, is happening.

Operating for over 25 years, we are proud to say we have a loyal, passionate and dedicated team of professionals, with an average 15 years of service. With that level of experience we are clearly doing something right, and when we say we have experience, we really mean it. Our team is small enough to provide a personable service and be genuinely invested in your success, and large enough to run a professional outfit focussed on delivering favourable outcomes.

Find out more about how our professionals can ensure compliance across your expense areas.

What is BLJ Australia’s Compliance Audit?

The BLJ Compliance Audit is a component of our comprehensive Savings Process. Our experienced team will check that the prices you are paying are in accordance with existing agreements, or if not, prepare and lodge a retrospective credit claim on your behalf. Wherever you are on the BLJ journey, we are always ensuring compliance is at the forefront.

Why do you need a Compliance Audit?

Supplier noncompliance can occur at any time whether in contract or not, can be caused by numerous factors, and is often not easily detected.  It is not safe to assume that once a contract is implemented that all charging becomes and remains compliant. We often come across cases where an account was compliant one month, and non-compliant the next.  Without thorough review and sound management, noncompliance can continue over a long period of time, and be difficult to recover.

BLJ Australia is your cost recovery expert, dealing in supplier noncompliance on a day to day basis.  Gathering intimate knowledge of your supplier contracts and the market, our professionals ensure correct pricing is being charged.  When noncompliance is detected, we check all accounts and invoices to determine how far back and widespread the issue relates.  We engage with suppliers on your behalf, following through until the matter is resolved and all retrospective credits owing to you received. This can be a timely process, and allowing us to complete for you gives you more time and resources for core areas of your business.

What expense areas benefit from a Compliance Audit?

Any expense area benefits from a BLJ Compliance Audit, and will give you peace of mind regardless of the outcome. At any given time throughout the financial year, we have credit requests being actioned by numerous suppliers.

Typically, we are seeing a growing need for compliance checks in the following areas


We are experienced in vast range of other non-core expense areas too.

• Printing • Gas
• Office Supplies (Stationery, Paper, Consumables) • Security Services
• Records Storage • Food & Beverages
• Waste Disposal • Promotional Materials
• Couriers • Packaging
• Freight (Local & Air) • Linen / Laundry
• Cleaning of Premises / Offices • Protective Clothing / Safety Equipment
• Chemicals / Cleaning Supplies • Uniforms

Australia’s Cost Recovery Experts

The BLJ Compliance Audit will provide you with peace of mind and is a great avenue for additional savings. With thorough review and sound management, we detect a range of noncompliance, and liaise with suppliers until the issue is resolved and all credits received.

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