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BLJ Australia

BLJ Australia is the largest independent cost management consultant of its type in WA

What if you had an organisation that gave you more time and additional resources to focus on core business activities, by taking away the need to deal with non-core areas?

BLJ Australia is a professional cost management consultant that has been in business for 20 years and is WA’s largest independent consultancy of its type. With BLJ as your partner in business, you will have access to a range of services designed to make the operation of your business easier and more cost effective, giving you More Time, Increased Profits, and Peace of Mind.

We work alongside procurement teams for large corporate, not-for-profit and government organisations of 100 to 1,000+ employees specialising in reducing non-core overhead costs in areas such as telecommunications, multi-function devices, office supplies and electricity. BLJ covers everything from comprehensive benchmarking, negotiation, recommendation and implementation, through to ongoing maintenance of costs for our clients. Daily transacting with your suppliers remains the responsibility of your procurement team.  We review a broad spectrum of cost areas and are driven by our client’s individual needs.

Through our detailed market knowledge and impartiality, you will know that you are receiving maximum value for money from your suppliers with BLJ on your side.

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