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Energy Cost Management Advice and Strategies

A component of our comprehensive Savings Process, BLJ Australia provides energy cost management services to clients of all sizes throughout Australia. From excessive energy consumption to inflated pricing from suppliers, BLJ helps you identify areas where costs can be minimised and redirected. At BLJ, we collate records of all of your energy usage, and provide usage trends and key usage data to assist in energy audits, regulatory reporting and budgeting.

As with each individual area of expenditure, we complete a thorough and in-depth Savings Process to deliver the most rewarding and beneficial results. In addition to negotiating the best prices for you, our experience covers up to eight additional strategies in reducing your overall energy costs. Find out more about how we can help you save money on your overall energy costs.

Why Engage BLJ Australia to Review Your Energy Use?

Many clients think energy costs are locked in and unchanging. But, this isn’t always the case. Without proper negotiation backed by research and an in-depth understanding of the industry, you could be paying too much. That’s where the cost reduction analysts at BLJ Australia come in.

What Can You Save on Energy?

Utilising our in-depth understanding of the market, our cost reduction analysts negotiate with suppliers to secure the most beneficial pricing for your business. With a wealth of knowledge in supplier offers and indexing, we apply our expertise to forecast expected costs over your contract term. While the lowest electricity rates may seem the most attractive, they may not be the most rewarding over the long run. Our evaluations help you lower your energy rates, reduce consumption and demand, remove excess and minimise the risks of cost blow out.

We also offer cost management services for alternative energy, sustainable energy sources, solar and alternative lighting. As each industry quotes differently with varying levels of transparency, plus different methods of applying prices, we use our expert evaluation and modelling skills to recommend suitable suppliers.

Often, we find that clients are guided by the evaluations and projections of energy suppliers and generally don’t have the time or expertise to complete comprehensive evaluations. We bring clarity and insight to evaluations to prevent excessive and unnecessary costs to your business. Our in-depth evaluations, modelling and projections help your business make informed decisions to select the most beneficial and rewarding offer. Following the securing of an offer, we facilitate implementation and conduct quarterly audits to review and maintain success.

Energy Savings Process with BLJ Australia’s Cost Reduction Analysts

Utilising the structure of our eight-step Savings Process, we complete a comprehensive review of your energy contracts and supplier arrangements. Acting on your behalf, our cost reduction analysts then hold conversations and negotiations to secure a more competitive deal on your energy. We then recommend a variety of alternative options and actions to reduce your overall energy costs.

Impartial and experienced, the team of cost reduction analysts at BLJ Australia provides expert advice on energy offers tailored to your business. Our professionals provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to selecting the most rewarding and competitive offer. We identify, monitor and implement strategies, and measure the ongoing success of strategies to demonstrate quantifiable benefits to your business.

BLJ is that expert who evaluates all positive and negative variables when a capital investment is required such as Solar, LED Lighting and Power Factor Correction, and provides valuable and accurate forecast savings to measure true return on investment.  Often there is significant capital expenditure being proposed and it is critical that accurate and extensive evaluation, modelling and cost projections are conducted.  Not every environmentally beneficial initiative will save money either; we have had exposure to what is and what isn’t cost-effective.

As our fee is derived from the savings achieved and quantified to your satisfaction, your risk is negligible. Start saving on your energy costs with a cost management plan from our professionals.

Create an Energy Cost Management Plan with Our Experts

Specialising in energy cost management, BLJ Australia conducts thorough analyses of your current energy plan to develop recommendations, strategies and an energy cost management plan to save you money. Our professionals determine your usage habits and utilise this information to pinpoint areas where you could save money.

Why pay more than you have to? Find out more about saving on energy costs with BLJ Australia. Contact us today on (08) 9455 3600.

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