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Cost Management with BLJ Australia

At BLJ Australia, we pride ourselves on our top quality cost management services, which include the BLJ Compliance Audit, BLJ Savings Process and BLJ Maintenance Service.

We are proud to have been reducing costs and increasing profits for clients locally and nationally for over 25 years, and with such a considerable time in the industry, it is no wonder that BLJ Australia has become a trusted name in cost management and cost reduction services.

Our experts at BLJ Australia bring a wealth of cost management and cost reduction knowledge to each and every meeting, phone call and conversation with our clients and their suppliers, ensuring that we develop a comprehensive, fully tailored strategy for your business.

BLJ Australia offers professional services in telecommunications expense management, electricity, multifunction printing devices and a number of other non-core areas of your business expenditure; helping you to achieve higher savings.

As experts in cost management, you will be pleased to know that the majority of our fees are derived by sharing achieved savings, so your risk is negligible.

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BLJ Compliance Audit

We commence every new engagement by conducting a Compliance Audit.  It is not safe to assume that once a contract is implemented that all charging becomes and remains compliant.

Additionally, over time, supplier invoicing errors and price increases often occur, resulting in noncompliance from your supplier and your business paying more than it should. Detecting such noncompliance can be difficult and can compound each month into significant amounts of money.

At BLJ, our compliance audits meticulously review your supplier invoices and billing data to pick up a wide range of noncompliance from your suppliers, ensuring that any acts from suppliers that don’t fall within your existing agreements are detected and costs recovered accordingly.

We are professional and experienced cost recovery experts, so once non-compliance has been detected, you can trust our team to engage with suppliers on your behalf to recover any amounts owing to you.  Read more…

BLJ Savings Process

Saving money in your business doesn’t involve cost-cutting to the detriment of your brand. At BLJ Australia, we secure competitive pricing with suppliers to minimise non-core expenditure with no loss of supplier quality or service.

To determine the most competitive pricing for your non-core business expenditure, we have developed an eight-step process to baseline, negotiate, recommend and implement improved supplier pricing into your business. We recommend trusted suppliers who you are confident in, often being your incumbents.  In having the knowledge you are getting the best deal through BLJ’s involvement, you can develop a far better ongoing relationship with your supplier.

With the BLJ Australia Savings Process in place, you can rest assured that suppliers are meeting your needs and expectations with quality services at competitive prices.  Read more…

BLJ Maintenance Service

After you have saved money across aspects of your non-core business expenditure, BLJ Australia offer a Maintenance Service, which closely monitors the costs associated with your non-core expenses to ensure continued compliance.

As our professional team closely monitor your expense areas, they collate records and data pertaining to these expenses, improving your understanding of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly expense trends across your non-core expenditure. This data is priceless when it comes to budgeting, audits and governance within your business.

BLJ Australia provide customised reports, giving you a true understanding of where your money is being spent, and always looking out for further savings opportunities. Read more…

BLJ Australia – Experts in Cost Reduction

At BLJ, our average client retention is 10 years, which means we will be an active and trusted part of your team long term.

We work with clients locally and nationally to develop tailored cost management and savings strategies, undertake compliance audits, and provide ongoing maintenance services.

With over 25 years of experience in delivering top quality services on over 1,800 projects, BLJ Australia are the name you can trust for your cost management needs.

Contact BLJ Australia today to find out why over 300 corporate clients across Australia have chosen us time and time again.

BLJ Australia Can Help You Reduce Costs, & Increase Profits

Let our experienced cost management team help you reduce your cost and give you peace of mind.