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As the largest independent cost management consultant of its type in WA, BLJ Australia brings over 25 years of experience and expertise to cost management. With a tailored savings process designed for each business, we secure competitive pricing with suppliers to help your business save money.

Learn more about our savings process and how we help you grow your business by minimising non-core expenditure.

What is BLJ Australia’s Savings Process?

Our savings process is all about minimising non-core expenses to your business with no loss of supplier quality or service. From uncovering better deals to limiting excessive expenditure, we help you dedicate more resources and efforts into activities to help your business prosper and grow. Offering tailored cost management solutions, our cost savings consultants utilise tried and tested strategies for each expense area to reduce costs. We also complete all required research to verify that pricing is compliant.

Our professionals adopt an eight-step process to ensure that you’re getting the most competitive supplier pricing, which covers everything from comprehensive baselining, negotiation, recommendation and implementation, through to post-audit analysis to ensure the forecast savings are achieved.

As the majority of our fees are derived by sharing achieved savings, your risk is negligible.

Why Do You Need a Savings Process?

A savings process allows you to be confident in your supplier pricing. Providing innovative cost management services, our savings process ensures that suppliers are being compliant and providing quality services and products at an agreed rate. We’re also able to help you tap in to additional savings within current contracts and suppliers.

Above all else, cost management services and a savings process allows you to redesignate resources into more beneficial core areas of your business.

What Can You Save On?

As experts in the areas of non-core expenditure, we help you minimise your expenses to refocus efforts in core business activities. Our professionals offer personalised insight and expertise primarily in the areas of telecommunications (voice, data, cloud and mobile), electricity and multifunction / photocopier devices.


Our experience in many other areas of specialisation ensures BLJ Australia is your one stop for saving money.

• Printing • Gas
• Office Supplies (Stationery, Paper, Consumables) • Security Services
• Records Storage • Food & Beverages
• Waste Disposal • Promotional Materials
• Couriers • Packaging
• Freight (Local & Air) • Linen / Laundry
• Cleaning of Premises / Offices • Protective Clothing / Safety Equipment
• Chemicals / Cleaning Supplies • Uniforms

Our Cost Management Expertise

When it comes to cost management, our consultants provide personalised services to help you save money. As industry experts, we identify, monitor and implement strategies, keep in regular contact with clients and suppliers, and measure the ongoing success of strategies. We keep suppliers honest and accountable, allowing you to spend more time focusing on growing your business instead of chasing up suppliers.

With tailored cost management strategies designed to work across multiple locations locally and nationally, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecommunications, electricity, multifunction / photocopier devices and many other non-core areas of expenditure. Instead of transacting like a procurement team, our day-to-day work involves finding you savings. Impartial, stable and ongoing, our professionals are with you for the long haul. Retaining clients long term, we have the knowledge and history to understand previous negotiations and circumstances. This allows us to recommend and secure the most rewarding pricing for your business.

Australia’s Experienced Cost Savings Consultants

Reduce non-core expenditure and refocus resources to growing your business with help from the cost savings consultants at BLJ Australia. Specialising in providing a suite of personalised cost management services, we help you secure the most competitive deals on a range of products and services from suppliers.

Get tailored advice on growing your business with a cost savings process. Contact us on (08) 9455 3600.

BLJ Australia Can Help You Reduce Costs, & Increase Profits

Let our experienced cost management team help you reduce your cost and give you peace of mind.