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Reduce Costs with Telecommunications Expense Management

Could you be saving on your telecommunications expenses? A component of our comprehensive eight-step Savings Process, BLJ Australia provides telecommunications expense management services to clients of all sizes throughout Australia. BLJ Australia identifies areas where costs can be minimised, working in collaboration with your existing departments and ICT team to understand your needs, ensure quality and align our strategies accordingly to deliver valuable savings.

Negotiating the best pricing is just one way of saving.  Our experience allows us to carry out various other strategies to reduce your overall telecommunications costs. Find out more about how we can help you save money on your company’s telecommunications expenses.

What is Telecommunications Expense Management?

Telecom expense management encompasses business processes to acquire the provision of telecommunications and manage technology costs. Essential for the success and productivity of businesses, telecommunications are often considered the backbone of business.

While many companies provide telecom expense management software, most clients have to interpret the outputs themselves and thus, are uncertain of the decisions they must make moving forward. At BLJ Australia, we help you reduce your telecommunications expenses with sound advice, tailored strategies and expert telecom expense management solutions.

One of the most misunderstood and volatile costs, telecommunications expenses should be regularly monitored and evaluated. As technology continues to evolve, so do the plans offered and the prices charged by suppliers. If you’re not proactively managing your telecommunications expenses, it’s likely that you’re losing out on better offers and lower costs.

What Can You Save on Telecommunications with BLJ Australia?

At BLJ Australia, we thoroughly analyse your telecommunications expenses to identify savings opportunities. In order to secure the most beneficial plans for your business, we explore all available offers to match your requirements and usage patterns to the most affordable and rewarding solution. Our comprehensive analyses of the plans and supplier products available will help your business make more informed decisions.

Experienced and specialised in picking up on billing anomalies, we identify supplier noncompliance and unnecessary consumption and costs that may have gone unnoticed. Our attention to detail and exceptional supplier follow-through will add ongoing value and savings to your supplier contract.

The provision of telecommunications and related technology often requires capital expenditure.  There are numerous ways that suppliers will package and charge this, each potentially impacting ongoing operational expenditure. It is critical that accurate and extensive evaluation, modelling and cost projections over your contract term are conducted.

BLJ Australia will facilitate implementation of the savings strategy and conduct quarterly audits to review and measure the ongoing success of our strategy to guarantee quantifiable benefits to your business. Ensure that you’re securing the best offer and supplier pricing with advice and guidance from BLJ Australia.

How We Manage Your Telecommunications Expenses

Adopting a success-based model, we complete thorough reviews and evaluations of your telecommunications expenses to deliver savings for your business. We set up weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual checks that can be customised to your needs and reporting requirements. This enables us to monitor usage, compliance, and business activity changes. Tailoring our reporting to suit your needs, we help you redirect resources into core areas of your business for enhanced productivity and success.

Our professionals provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to interpret supplier billing information and identify areas for additional savings.  We participate with you in supplier meetings and conversations, and are often commended by clients that our participation improves relationships with existing suppliers.

Create a Telecommunications Cost Management Plan with Our Experts

Regular evaluation and review is essential to managing and reducing your telecommunications expenses. Experienced in interpreting supplier offers back to annual costs and identifying areas for additional savings, we give you clarity in the options available and your expected savings. Our professionals ensure that your suppliers remain accountable, working cohesively with you through to the delivery and measurement of savings.

Find out more about our tailored telecom expense management solutions. Start saving and contact us today on 08 9455 3600.

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